Customized Open Source Solutions

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Systemonix is providing customized open source solutions to SOHO companies since 2005

Our mission is to provide cost effective robust open source solutions which replaces traditional windows applications

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Our Services

Server Consolidation

Many companies do not make use of full potential of the hardware they have paid. Traditionally each service use to run on separate hardware box. The effective utilization of these machines is only 15 to 20% off their total capacity. Server consolidation ensures optimal use of your current hardware and maximum ROI. Our experts will study your existing application and plan out the complete process of consolidation.

  • Don't need separate hardware for different applications.
  • The open source solution support heterogeneous operating systems from Windows to Linux all flavors.
  • On demand space expansion. Without shutting down virtual instance expand disk space. (Exception: Some operating system do not support it.)
  • Consolidation reduces power consumption helping green energy.


We have expertise in installing popular open source mail servers like Zimbra, Qmail, Postfix. Our open source messaging solution provides following features

  • Popular IMAP/POP3 SSL support.
  • Webmail support.
  • Mobile sync to popular Android , IOS devices.
  • Backup and Restore.
  • Unlimited domains, Unlimited mailboxes only your hardware is the limit.
  • Shared calendar.
  • Admin control panelto manage server.
  • Customization as per customer requirement.


Your IT infrastructure is not complete without a robust monitoring. Monitoring saves turn around time and gives insight of your infrastructure. Being an administrator you should be the first person to know about the infrastructure changes before someone else. We use open source Nagios tool which has following features .

  • A portal which gives summary about your services. Monitor : Hosts up/down, Port monitoring, Website performance.
  • The portal provides graphs and statistics about all services currently present infrastructure.
  • Get mobile SMS/Email alert about the events that are happening.
  • Easily plug-able to a ticketing system.


Do you have any other queries related to IT. Come to us and we can help you out. We have expertise in following.

  • Email / Messaging, setups , migrations.
  • Cloud applications.
  • Network management Firewall, Routers, VPNs, Lease lines.
  • IT infrastructure for SOHO.
  • Co-location and Hosting services.
  • Backup planning and implementation.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • On call help.
  • Software installation and configuration.

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